Connected through a secure mobile app & website, we're a community of people that enjoy offering quality & loving help ON DEMAND

With Triko you can fulfill the different needs you may have with your family, home, office or business.

Find a Triko
to help you

  • A Mobile platform that lets you hire good & honest people safely ON DEMAND
  • A free tool that helps you find the affordable help you need to keep your home & priorities in order
  • A solution that helps you enjoy the things you love most. More time for you and your family
  • A community of people who are there for you 24/7 willing to help you with anything may you need.
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Get Paid
for helping others

  • People who need help with the services you provide will find you. 
  • A safe & reliable network of people and collaborators that helps you be successful as an independent helper. 
  • A digital platform that empowers you to make every decision. Only you decide how much your time is worth, your´e availability, and how you would like to help others. 
  • A tool where you can organize your working time and do what you love in your own terms. 

Be a part of our Trikommunity

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Your can either register to help others or find a Triko to help you ON DEMAND

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We only accept honest people in our community of loving helpers and professionals. They are always willing to help you with any task you may have and best of all, you choose your Triko.

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Your safety

Is our #1 priority

All of our collaborators go through a strict security screening protocol that includes background checks and interviews with lie detection software, so you can receive high quality help from very honest and trustworthy people.

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A Growing


We are a fast growing social network focused on values and knowledge continuously looking for ways to better help our users and trikolaborators as members of our community.

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Safe & Fair


With Triko, you´ll find the help you need that fits your budget through our secure platform. We believe every triko is unique in their own way. They set their own price, availability and offer different strengths, knowledge and experiences. 

What our
Trikos say:

"Triko is an excellent idea, because I can manage my time. I don't have to be dependent on a company that coerces you with schedules. Also, I work better when I do the things that I like, with more love, more devotion and more passion."

María Helena Bustamante

"Triko is a great idea that will allow me to expand the clients I have and help me have a more secure payment"

Mónica Cardona

"I love the idea of being able to work in my spare time, and it is excellent for me because it will allow me to have extra income while I study. I am very happy with the arrival of Triko"

Julian Ruiz

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