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We've Been There!

Does it seem like you have no time to do the things you love most? Maybe no time to be with the ones you love? We know how it feels like when days go by without you being able to enjoy any free time at all!  We've been there too!

That’s why we created TRIKO, because we knew there had to be a better way to work, a better way to use our time, simply a better way to live. 

Through TRIKO you can find and hire great and honest people to help you around your home, so they will take care of those activities you dread while you enjoy time with your friends, family or just yourself. Take a break and let our Trikos assist you so you can relax and spend more time with yourself and family.

We’re creating a social network of skillful people who love what they do, enjoy helping others, and organize their schedule so they can work smart and spend more time doing what makes them happy. These Trikollaborators are a community of like-minded people who know there is a better and smarter way to work and earn that extra bit of money doing the things they´re good at.

Join our community and let us help you find the right people to match your budget and needs so you can regain control of your time and priorities. 

We are TRIKO!

We Got You!