Personal Care

Search for professionals in personal care tasks, so you don’t have to spend those long hours doing your nails, your hair and making up. Hire people to help you look sharp for special events, go out on dates or just to feel your best every single day.

Help with
Personal Care

& Pedicure

Don’t worry about time, traffic or appointments, get your nails done at home and forget about driving and walking with your nails still wet. 


Hairdressers can come to your home and help you when you need to look your best, for dates, parties or meetings. 

For Men

A professional barber can come to your home and your home to give you that look you want. 


Need to look sharp and stunning for a party, a date or a work related event, but don't know how to go past the basic makeup? 

Massage &

Enjoy professional massages in the comfort in your home, and do not waste your peace of mind going back into traffic or commuting.