Your Home

Hire a friendly triko cleaner to take care of your house chores. They can help you sweep, mop, vacuum, remove dust, wash dishes, and leave your home sparkling clean while you focus on your job, kids, pets, exercise, or hobbies. You can also find a Triko to help you do laundry, iron and fold your clothes, sheets, blankets, bed covers and towels in the comfort of your own home!

Help with
Your Home


Need help cleaning your home? Are you going to have someone visiting so you want to show off and cause a great impression on how clean you are! Or you just don't have enough time because you're caught up with work or family. Maybe you just prefer to play video games or watch movies while someone else takes care of your tedious home chores. Relax cause you can find a Triko to help you ASAP regardless of your reasons.

& Clothes

Keep your closet neat, tidy and looking great! Find a Triko to help you with your laundry, drying, ironing and folding your clothes, bed sheets and towels so you could spend more time playing, exercising, relaxing or making money doing what you know best.


Is your garage, closets, storage room, or even your playroom completely disorganized? Are going crazy with stuff floating around your home and have no time to spend on organizing everything? 

Find a Triko to help your organize your home right now!

Moving &

Moving soon? We know its hard & expensive to find people that are willing and able to help you move all your belongings, and most importantly, someone that treats your things with extreme caution and with all the carefulness possible. We got you!

Find a careful and strong Triko to help you move!

Chefs &
Kitchen Assistants

Spending a lot of money dining out every day? To much deliveries or take out? You might not have enough time to prepare your own meals, don't feel like cooking, or you simply don't know how to cook! Don't worry, you´re not the only one. 

Find a Triko to help you prepare your meals for the week or make you an awesome meal today!

In our Trikommunity, you can even find a chef for your party or reunion, or a kitchen assistant to help you prepare all your fruits and veggies when you go grocery shopping! 


Find a Triko to help you keep up with your yard, water your plants, trim your trees and mow the lawn.